Parking Guidance & Management System

Parking Guidance systems (PGS) help people find parking spots quickly. The Parking Management System constitutes the access control system, revenue management, security system, boom barrier and statistical information.

Parking Management System constitutes of

  • Parking Management Software: The software ties in all the components of the Parking management system.
  • Automated Access control system: The parking management system ties in with the Access control system like Automatic gates, barrier controls, ticketing systems etc.
  • Enabling Fool Proof Security:The security features includes tying in with RFID based entry exit.
  • Automated Fee systems: Easy configuration of parking management software to configure Fee payments depending on the duration or exclude payment of fee based on management issued passes. Assign customers as prepaid, post-paid.
  • Real time Vehicle counting: The vehicle counting system constitutes of a non intrusive vision based vehicle counting system. This will be installed in every level such that the management gets real time knowledge of the number of cars present in every level.
  • Statistical reporting software: Generate hourly, weekly, monthly & yearly reports. It up to 12 reports with
    1. Revenue based
    2. License Plate recognition based reports
    3. Access card based (Pre-paid, Post Paid
  • Real time parking guidance display: Display boards displays the number of empty slots at every level.
  • Video Surveillance (optional): An optional multi camera video surveillance system can be integrated into solution.
  • DVR (optional): The video surveillance data, License plate videos, Under Vehicle Surveillance videos can be archived on a DVR.